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Our member-driven approach to policymaking and lobbying puts emphasis is on the fact that the organization's policies and advocacy efforts we work with are guided and influenced by the active participation and input of its members.

In a member-driven approach:

  • Empowerment: Members are empowered to take initiative, propose ideas, and drive projects forward. This empowerment fosters a sense of agency and commitment.
  • Influence: Members have a significant say in the decisions and actions taken by the organization. Their ideas, opinions, and feedback are valued and integrated into the decision-making process.
  • Participation: Members are actively engaged and involved in discussions, planning, and implementation of initiatives. They contribute their expertise, insights, and perspectives to shape the organization's goals and activities.
  • Ownership: Members feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for the organization's outcomes. They take pride in being part of a collective effort and are motivated to work towards the organization's success.
  • Collaboration: There is a strong emphasis on collaboration and cooperation among members. Decisions are often made through consensus or inclusive discussions that take into account diverse viewpoints.
  • Flexibility: Member-driven approaches can be adaptable to changing circumstances and needs. This flexibility allows the organization to evolve and respond to new challenges or opportunities.
  • Transparency: Open communication and transparency are typically key features of member-driven approaches. Members are kept informed about decisions and processes, which helps build trust within the community.

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