Colorado has the opportunity to pass more progressive legislation than ever, but many lobbying firms have clients or relationships that directly or indirectly conflict with your organizational and membership goals. Many firms have over a dozen different clients and do not disclose them to new clients when they are hired. Red Rocks Strategies is dedicated to ethical lobbying practices with complete transparency of client relationships, whether or not they are being represented inside the capitol. Trust is vital to results in a process mired in special interests and opposition.

Government Affairs and Policymaking
Navigating the legislative process can be intimidating and confusing. Red Rocks Strategies will take the mystery out of the process by assisting with policy goals and developing a path for feasible passage in addition to addressing legislation that threatens your organization's goals and ideals. The firm works to engage member leaders in the process to help them understand how to better make decisions and not rely solely on their lobbyist for information. From reviewing testimony to holding trainings on how a bill becomes a law, your organization will come out of the process stronger and ready to tackle more fights in the future.

General Campaign Consultant
Experienced in issue, candidate, and even recall campaigns, the firm can provide clear direction, financing plans, field resources, consultant collaboration and strategic acumen to get your campaign team a win on Election Day. The firm has decades of experience in field campaigns, which are the most effective in persuading voters. Many firms will focus on less viable methods - that is where the money is. Candidates and issue campaigns want their hard earned campaign dollars to get to a win, not line consultant's pockets. Red Rocks Strategies will get you there.

Coalition Building
Developing groups of political, business, minority, religious, communities provides a necessary broad base of support for your cause. With extensive connections, Red Rocks Strategies can build winning, highly functioning coalition for fights in the legislature or on the ballot.

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